Leveraging Internet Technologies To Enhance Human Resource Management & Empower Your Organization With Employee Self-Service Capabilities

The challenges facing organization today are many, such as globalization, technological and competition. To meet these challenges, management must first manage the people who drive it. To remain competitive in this challenging economy, organization must recognize that people are the common denominator that drives the organization's objectives, its success and failure depend on them.

Effective and efficient Human Resource Management can help organization avoid making mistakes that can lead to high turnover, unnecessary conflicts, job dissatisfaction and poor productivity. Studies have found that leadership skills have a direct influence on employee satisfaction and that there is a correlation between employee satisfaction and job performance. A high level of employee satisfaction will result in enhanced productivity that goes right to your bottom line.

To meet these challenges - Instacom Group Berhad eHR, a web-based Human Resource Management Solution, provides you with a dynamic tool to facilitate you in managing your human resources and payroll for your organization. Instacom Group Berhad eHR provides you with dynamic HR information and delivers employee self-service capabilities that provide convenient access to critical information, services and applications that will maximize staff performance.

It is a challenging task to attract and retain qualified employees who are mobile. With online web access, personnel content and services can be delivered through your company web portals. Administering and delivering routine HR services represent a large portion of HR departmental costs -- from the costs of paper and postage to cumbersome bureaucratic processes that consume staff time.

By empowering employees to make better decisions and better serve themselves, organizations can improve company-wide communications, ease information access, increase flexibility, and increase productivity to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

eHR Key Features

Key Business Benefits:

  • Improve employees' efficiency and productivity due to better HR planning and management.
  • Improve employees' retention and morale.
  • Improve quality of candidates due to better recruitment management.
  • Decrease HR transaction costs due to effective management of HR resource and employees' self-service capabilities.
  • Improvement in workflow, which will lead to a shorter cycle time and a reduction in HR operation cost.
  • Facilitate timely and effective decision-making.
  • Improve the flow of HR information across your organization.
  • Streamlined HR processes.
  • Paperless Administration.
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